Name: Arani Foni
Level: 3
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Dominant Hand: Right
Age: 40
Height: 1.6 m
Weight: 65 kg
Homeworld: Coruscant
Background: Crippled
Class: Noble

Basic Shyriiwook Ryl High Galactic
Strength: 11 Dexterity: 11 Constitution: 11 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 13 Charisma: 14
Quick Reference
Speed: 6 Initiative: 1 Perception: 2 Base Attack Bonus: 2 Ranged Attack Bonus: 2 Melee Attack Bonus: 2 Force Points: 6
Hit Points: 30 Fortitude Defense: 15 Reflex Defense: 15 Will Defense: 17 Damage Threshold: 15
Trained Skills:
Deception 8 Gather Information 8 Knowledge (Life Sciences) 7 Knowledge (Social Sciences) 7 Knowledge (Beauracracy) 7 Persuation 13 Treat Injury 7 Use Computer 7
Untrained Skills:
Acrobatics 1 Climb 1 Endurance 1 Initiative 1 Jump 1 Knowledge 2 Perception 2 Pilot 1 Ride 1 Stealth 1
Survival 2 Swim 1
Linguist Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons) Improved Defenses Weapon Focus (Pistols) Skill Focus (Persuation) Coordinated Attack
Born Leader Distant Command
Knife Blaster Pistol

Armor: Flight Suit

Knife Blaster Pistol Left Cybernetic Prothesis Leg Flight Suit Utility Belt Datapad Medical Kit Field Kit Electrobinoculars Concealed Holster Concealed Holster
Weight and Credits
Carrying Capacity: 60.5 kg Encumberance: 30.25 kg Credits: 925 Credits

Dark Side Score: 0

Family Member Family Member’s Name Family Member’s Job Current Location Date of Birth Date of Death
Mom’s Mom Silas Monite Retired Coruscant 117 BBY Still Kicking
Mom’s Dad Kyle Tavik Retired Coruscant 119 BBY Still Kicking
Dad’s Mom Cara Marshal Retired Coruscant 119 BBY Still Kicking
Dad’s Dad Kel Foni Retired Coruscant 118 BBY Still Kicking
Mom Jenna Tavik Stay at Home Mom Coruscant 95 BBY Alive
Dad Irman Foni Mid Level Beaurocrat Coruscant 94 BBY Alive
Arani Arani Romanski Foni Faselli Was Senators Advisor On the Run 59 BBY Alive
Husband Jax Faselli High Level Beaurocrat Deceased 60 BBY 19 BBY
First Born Son Dorn Faselli High School Student Missing 34 BBY 19 BBY ?
Second Born Son Bradley Faselli Middle School Student Missing 31 BBY 19 BBY ?
Third Born Daughter Jasmine Faseli Grade School Student Missing 28 BBY 19 BBY ?
Younger Brother Wilvern Foni Republic Naval Officer Deceased 56 BBY 20 BBY
Sister in Law Tifa Novar Foni Inventor Extraordinaire Corelia 57 BBY Alive
Older Sister Brandi Foni Sturm Stay at Home Mom Coruscant 62 BBY Alive
Brother in Law Deell Sturm Corporate Big Wig Coruscant 63 BBY Alive
Nephew Jerex Sturm High School Student Coruscant 37 BBY Alive
Oldest Sister Ylenia Foni Terix Stay at Home Mom Alderaan 65 BBY Alive
Brother in Law Surl Terix Doctor Alderaan 64 BBY Alive
Neice Brenna Terix College Student Alderaan 40 BBY Alive
Friend Friends Name Friends Job Current Location Date of Birth Species
Best Female Friend Ria Fenn Journalist Coruscant 58 BBY Human
Work Female Friend Carie Yty Senators Aide Coruscant 57 BBY Twi’lek
Work Female Friend Kalan Senators Aide Coruscant 319 BBY Wookiee
Enemy/Archrival Enemey’s/Archrival’s Name Job Current Location Date of Birth Species
Enemy The Empire Ruling the Galaxy with an Iron Fist Galactic Wide 19 BBY Government
Male Archrival Gav Maru Advisor Opponent Coruscant 60 BBY Human

Personal History and Significant Galactic Events

82 BBY Yoda is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order
59 BBY Arani Foni is born
54 BBY Arani Foni enters elementary school
50 BBY the Arkanian Revolution begins and ends
49 BBY Arani Foni graduates from elementary school
48 BBY Arani Foni enters middle school
48 BBY Kalpana is the new Supreme Chancellor
46 BBY Arani Foni graduates from middle school
45 BBY Arani Foni enters high school
45 BBY the Katana fleet goes missing
45 BBY Mace Windu is the Master of the Jedi Order
44 BBY the Stark Hyperspace War begins and ends
42 BBY Arani Foni graduates from high school
41 BBY Arani Foni enters the University of Coruscant and her oldest sister gets married
40 BBY Valorum is the new Supreme Chancellor
38 BBY Arani Foni’s older sister gets married
37 BBY Arani Foni graduates from the University of Coruscant with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Life Sciences
35 BBY Arani Foni gets married
34 BBY Arani Foni gets a job as an aide to the Coruscant Senator and she has her first son
33 BBY the Yinchorri Uprising begins and ends
33 BBY a failed assasination attempt occurs against Valorum
32 BBY Episode I occurs
32 BBY Then Invasion of Naboo begins and ends
32 BBY Palpatine is the New Supreme Chancellor
31 BBY Arani Foni’s younger brother gets married and she has her second son
29 BBY Arani Foni becomes the Health and Intelligent Being Services Cabinet Member for the Coruscant Senator
29 BBY preparations begin for Outbound Flight
28 BBY The Separatist Crisis begins and Arani Foni has a daughter
27 BBY the Outbound Flight project embarks on its journey
27 BBY Outbound Flight disappears
24 BBY a failed assasination attempt occurs against Palpatine
22 BBY Episode II occurs
22 BBY The Separatist Crisis ends and the Clone Wars begin
22 BBY Yoda is the new Master of the Jedi Order
22-19 BBY various terrorist attacks occur on Coruscant
20 BBY Arani Foni’s younger brother dies in the Clone Wars at the Battle of Praesitlyn when By’ynium, the ship he is serving on, is destroyed
19 BBY the Battle of Coruscant (Clone Wars) occurs
19 BBY Episode III occurs
19 BBY The Great Jedi Purge begins
19 BBY The Battle of Kashyyyk (Imperial Period) occurs
19 BBY When the Coruscant Senator removed his name from the Petition of 2000 Arani Foni tried to convince him to change his mind
19 BBY While away on a business trip Arani Foni’s husband is killed and her childern are missing
19 BBY The murder, kidnapping, and home invasion is ruled to be done by thugs but Arani Foni suspects differently
19 BBY Arani Foni is kidnapped a week later by thugs and is tortured and left for dead in the underworld of Coruscant
19 BBY The thugs cut off her left leg just above the knee during their torture of her
19 BBY Arani Foni is convinced now that the Empire is behind the murder of her husband and the kidnapping of her children
19 BBY Arani Foni makes her way to Ria Fenn’s apartment and asks for her help to forge a new identity for her so she can lay low for awhile
19 BBY After Ria Fenn makes her a new identity Arani Foni goes to the hospital to get a cybernetic replacement for her lost leg
19 BBY Arani Foni then secretly meets her friend Kalan to ask for help to get to Kashyyyk and try to find the Jedi that are rumored to be hiding on kashyyyk
19 BBY Arani Foni sends a secret message to the rest of her family to tell them that she is all right but that they should distance themselves as much as possible from her for their own good
19 BBY Arani Foni arrives on Kashyyyk and meets the rest of the party
19 BBY The Destruction of Caamas occurs
19 BBY The party decides to get back at the empire anyway they can think of but first they need money so they charter a transport and head off to tatooine to take a salvage job that ootazoombabwae heard about


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