Scum and Villainy

Wreck and Ruin

Episode I

Opening Crawl

Adventure Background

During the Clone Wars, countless ships on both sides of the struggle were blown to pieces and left adrift in space. Larger ones were towed out of spacelanes to minimize danger to hyperspace travel, but every so often, an explorer or smuggler comes upon the wreckage. Often, the drifting hulk is too damaged to be useful as anything other than scrap, but sometimes the derelict proves to be veritable treasure trove of salvagable goods. One such derelict, a large chunck of the Starworm (a Trade Federation Lucrehulk-class battleship), was recently discovered by a smuggler named Vordell, who then sold the coordinates of his find to his old friend Sude Raalo, a Nemimoidian gunrunner and veteren of the Clone Wars. Based on the scans that Vordell showed him, Raalo guessed that at least one hangar bay was more or less intact, and that, amid the wreckage, he might find a remote processor-which could be worth as much as one million credits.

The Adventure Itself

//start transmission

The part heard about this job offer from their fellow party member Ootazoombabwae who heard it from his smuggler friend Daniel Sol. The chartered a transport to Tatooine to meet Sude Raalo at the Mos Eisly cantina.
When they got there Sude Raalo told them about the Starworm and offered them 2,500 credits to enter the hulk of the Starworm and bring back any intact cargo crates and other reclaimable items they can safely salvage. He also wanted them to be especially watchful for any remote processors they might chance across; Raalo had a buyer interested in them, and if they brought him any, they can keep anything else they find. Otherwise, he said he was willing to pay them a cut of only 15 % off the sale price of the salvage. The party tried to bargain with Sude but they were not able to get him to budge on his offer. Sude then asked them how they were going to get to the Starworm. They said they didn’t know so he offered to rent his ship to them for 3500 credits and said that if they did a good job he may consider making this a rent to own deal.
They accepted his offer and then he showed them to the ship. The ship was an old beat up YT-1300. Sude thes took their payment to rent the ship and he gave them the appropriate paper work and he left them. Upon examining the ship the party saw that it only had 3 days worth of consumable left on board. It also only had a back up hyperdrive that in a best case scenerio could get them someplace in as little as 12 days and in the worst case get them somewhere in 72 hours. They found that the communication’s array was badly damaged. Upon seeing that they bought as many provisions as the could afford, which ended up only being 13 days worth, and they fixed the communication’s array. Once the ship was stocked and repaired they took off and went into hyperspace.
They arrived at the coordinates in 12 days with only 4 days worth of consumables left. When they looked for the Starworm they could find it right away because it had apparently drifted. They then used their sensors and found the debris trail leading to the ship. While they were following the trail, they encountered what appeared to be a patrol of two TIE fighters. The party then contacted the TIE fighters. The TIE fighters ended up being someone else who was looking to salvage the ship and they didn’t want to share. A space battle followed and during the course of it the laser cannons stopped working and Oota went to fix them. When it was all said and done the party shot down both TIE fighters but the ship was in bad shape. Ever persistent though they pressed on.
By the time they found the Starworm they saw that the ship was drifting towards the geonosian system and that it was surrounded by a “cloud” of debris. The battleship was also spinning. The party first tried to line up the airlock of thier ship with the _Starworm_’s but they were unable to do so. They then took up a relatively stationary position and tried to space walk across to the Starworm. As they were walking across to the wreck some still functioning battle droids took pot shots at the party. While they were walking over to the wreckage thier ship was being pelted by debris but none of it was large enough to cause any damage.
When they finally got across they started searching the wreckage. When they made thier way to the hangar they got in by opening an airlock. Once they started moving debris inside the hangar some still functioning battledroids and super battle droids attacked them. Once they defeated the droids they started looking for what they came for. They ended up finding ten crates of droid parts and starfighter components, 100 days worth of provisions, a still functioning laser cannon, a still intact droid starfighter, and the remote processor that they came for.
Oota then went back to Old Reliable, what they named the YT-1300, and tried to dock with the Starworm again. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful. Arani then tried to hack into the battleships computers. She was successful. She then was able to get the battleship to stop spinning. Oota then docked with the battleship and they loaded Old Reliable up with thier haul. They then took off and jumped to hyperspace.
They ended up arriving back at Tatooine in 60 days. They then landed and met up with Sude. Sude Raalo was very happy with the job they did so he paid them and decided to just let them keep old reliable. Once they were paid the first thing they did was sell thier salvage. They ended up deciding to just keep the laser cannon that they found and install it on old reliable. They also decided to purchase a faster hyperdrive and install that.
end transmission//



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