Scum and Villainy

Prelude to Scum and Villainy

Timeline of Events Leading Up to Wreck and Ruin

19 BBY

Worwook, Navi, and Ootazoombabwae take part in the Battle of Kashyyyk
The Great Jedi Purge begins
Worwook and Navi survive the execution of Order 66
Worwook‘s connection to the Force is diminished because of the emotional trauma he sustains from the execution of Order 66
The Battle of Kashyyyk (Imperial Period) occurs
Worwook, Navi, and Ootazoombabwae take part in the Battle of Kashyyyk
Ootazoombabwae’s family is captured during the Battle of Kashyyyk and sold into slavery
Ootazoombabwae’s best friend is killed during the Battle of Kashyyyk
When the Coruscant Senator removed his name from the Petition of 2000 Arani Foni tried to convince him to change his mind
While away on a business trip Arani Foni’s husband is killed and her children are missing
The murder, kidnapping, and home invasion are ruled to have been commited by thugs but Arani Foni suspects differently
Arani Foni is kidnapped a week later by thugs and is tortured and left for dead in the underworld of Coruscant.
The thugs cut off Arani’s leg just above the knee during their torture of her
Arani is convinced now that the Empire is behind the murder of her husband and the kidnapping of her children
Arani makes her way to Ria Fenn’s apartment and asks for her help to forge a new identity for her so she can lay low for awhile
After Ria makes her a new identity Arani goes to the hospital to get a cybernetic replacement for her lost leg
Arani then secretly meets her friend Kalan to ask for help to get to Kashyyyk and try to find the Jedi that are rumored to be hiding on Kashyyyk
Arani sends a message to the rest of her family to tell them that she is all right but they should distance themselves as much as possible from her for their own good
Worwook and Navi meet up Ootazoombabwae
Arani arrives on Kashyyyk and meets the rest of the party
The Destruction of Caamas occurs
The party decides to get back at the Empire anyway they can think of but first they need credits so they charter a transport and head off to Tatooine to take a salvage job that Ootazoombabwae heard about



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